The word universal is a reference to the universe, the planets, stars and galaxies which constitute the created world. We can stipulate without fear of error that the whole created world answers to the same laws. We thus can say of the laws which govern the created world, that they are universal. It’s the same for the planet and Humanity. What is true for the galaxy is also true for us. We can also stipulate that what is true for a Man in Africa is also true for a Man in the Siberian taiga.

I shall always remember the righteous anger of a wise woman of the Cherokee nation when a man put into question a teaching she had shared: « my truth is not the same as yours » he said. She strongly insisted on the fact that the truth is One, that what is true for one is true for all beings. We speak here about the realities of the world, the ultimate truths which define the nature of Man and his relation with the Creator and His creation, the universe.

As such, universal is defined for the framework of this book as an adjective which indicates a reality which applies to all Men without distinction of race, nationality, color, religion or cultural membership.


Understanding reality is seeing the world without conceptual filters, prejudices, scientific principles, it’s seeing the world as it really, truly, is. The vast majority of the Men perceive the world through the filter of their family and social standards, through their education and past experiences. So, this perception is often tinted with feelings, emotional memories and with intellectual concepts. All this data can non-correspond to reality. The perception of reality thus colored by our preconditioned thoughts and emotions is distorted and altered. That is why several very influential spiritual teachers speak of living the present moment, without reference to the past or to our thoughts[1]. To experience reality without reference other than the present moment is a very intense experience where colors, sounds, smells and the tastes are amplified, very lively and clear. It’s experiencing the reality of the world where our perceptions are precise and detailed. This non conditioned experience of reality allows one’s capabities to be increased and perceptions to be true. The peculiarity of a human being it is that his perception of reality is multidimensional and develops in time. He can, with enough development and practice, perceive levels of reality up to the internal fabric of creation which is beyond time and space. He can then become a co-creator of reality.

Reality is in opposition to imaginary although when we really understand the philosophy of nature we will see that imagination can influence reality. The opposition is that of an imagination which is contrary to our original instructions. We want peace, joy, love, abundance and a happy and long life for our children. All which does not serve this purpose becomes a clashing and destructive imagination. Reality is constantly reflecting the laws of the world and so the will and teachings of the universe but also the current dissonance of Men who have lost their way and their connection with the Creator of this reality. With empiricism, its reflection, reality becomes the mark by which we can verify and confirm the truth.

The dissonant imagination of Man can negatively influence reality. On the other hand, virtual imagination, what is sometimes called the virtual world or virtual reality, has no influence on reality. The virtual relationships and digital worlds where Men spends more and more time are completely artificial. These activities are extremely harmful because in these artificial environments people gradually cease existing in reality. Their imagination and experiences have no reality thus it’s impossible to see the reflection of their thoughts, words and actions on the fabric of reality. Their natural abilities deform very fast in such an environment and they eventual stop being what we could call a Man and become more of the order of the cyborg.


Man must learn to see the truth in reality and the reality of truth.

The truth is One. That’s to say that it applies to all Men equally. On the other hand, in its’ declinations in reality it’s infinite! There is no end to the variety, always beautiful, of the expression of the truth in creation. When we reflect on what is eternal, the truth reveals itself in the incredible multiplicity of its beauty.

Nothing is more important, in our quest for peace and health for all mankind than the notion of truth. The truth frees us. A Man who truly understands the world will face with courage all circumstances of his life because he always knows what is just and good and will have all of creation helping him. The only suffering and obstacles to such a man’s happiness are other men who do not know the truth.

The truth is One for all Men. It expresses itself in an infinite variety of nuances in creation, as in the communities and societies of Men. Moreover it’s one of the easiest ways to determine if a concept is true. Its validity can be verified by thousands of examples because it will conjugate in life like a tree which never stops spreading more and more branches and roots in all directions. It is why with I have put examples after the abbreviation Ex.-throughout the text. They are every time one or two examples but we can find many other examples because the truth branches out to infinity.

It is also the reason for which you can sometimes see repetitions in the text. The truth can be compared with a precious stone cut with one thousand facets. Every time we look at it under a different angle, a new facet reveals us another aspect of that truth.

Man is an integral part of the unity which is truth. All of creation is. Knowing how to read this truth in the world is simple and yet of infinite complexity.

[1] Amongst those lets mention Eckhart Tolle and Krishnamurti.

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