We had powerful ceremonies during the full moon days in France in the Gers region, to celebrate the summer solstice. Several persons were accredited shamanic practitioners crowning more than 3 years of teachings and practice. The elements were clement, as usual and the participants in harmony with all energies. We received very interesting communications from European Ancestors whom we called upon to renew the ancestral lore which was lost to civilization. They communicated information about the way they did sweat lodges in that region. 4 shaman practitioners and I received the same info which confirms that the information is exact. This information will be recorded in the educational corpus of our shamanic practitioner’s academy.

A new cycle of our teachings Let us create the World for training shamanic practitioners begins in Europe in 2018 see the site <>

We have 2 sweat lodges in the Beauce region (South of Quebec City) on June 28-29th and 15—July 16th. To participate write <>

The team of Invocation and I shall be at the Wendake PowWow of Wendake <> on June 30th, and July 1st and 2nd.

Other news soon.

Joy, Peace, Love


Blue Eagle

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