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A clear quartz crystal vibrates at a very high frequency. It’s a being of light and fire that is especially well-suited to help us evolve and heal. Through our harmonic resonance with quartz we are led to evolve into higher energies and clearer perceptions. Change is guaranteed, but sometimes lots of change can be difficult. Our resistance to change can create difficult circumstances, lessons, and challenges in life. Be careful and slow in your work with crystals.

Energies, emotions, or entities that are thick, heavy, wicked, or hurtful cannot pass through a clear quartz crystal because that which is pure light is contrary to darkness. Likewise, all that is hatred, jealousy, envy, anger, and so on cannot pass through a clear quartz crystal. The light of the crystal entity thus constitutes a form of protection that repels any psychic attack, aberration, negative emotion, energy, or force that is harmful and/or contrary to your electromagnetic field. For this reason we use clear crystal quartz for protection. It is the best stone to help us repel other people’s stray or discordant energies.

This is especially important once you start walking the spiritual path. In the beginning of training with crystals we cannot control our energy very well and our etheric web is not always tight and firm. Thus as we work on cultivating empathy in order to better feel the energy of crystals and the energy of other people we’re trying to help, we often receive impressions and energies that we do not want. Empathy is perfect when working with a client, but a hindrance when walking down the street. Beginners sometimes pick up a passerby’s headache or nausea without knowing what happened. As a healing practitioner working with energy you are very susceptible to picking up all kinds of energy.

To protect against these problems we use a quartz crystal. We wear the crystal at what is called the spiritual plexus. This is at the point of the sternum where the sternum ends, between the heart plexus and the solar plexus, just above the stomach. This area is also called the point of vulnerability. This is where we receive many impressions and energies. If you have someone coming toward you with anger, you might feel this center tightening up and clenching. This is our most sensitive area when it comes to perceiving energies on a physical level. This is where that clear quartz crystal will be useful in protecting you from outside influences, especially in the first years of spiritual practice as you become more sensitive to the energy of others and more perceptive, more empathic. At this stage you have not yet learned how to turn this ability off. Thus wearing a quartz crystal as protection is advisable. This should be a natural, uncut, clear quartz crystal with one point aiming toward the ground and the other extremity open. By other extremity open we mean that the way the crystal is mounted on the piece of jewelry does not obstruct the other end of the crystal, the one opposed to the point (see plate 4). This is so that the crystal can breathe through its whole length. It will ground the energy into the earth if something comes through that is not appropriate for your energy field, and it will take in fresh energy from the unobstructed other end. If you wear a crystal with the point upward, it will tend to accumulate energy in your throat center. You will feel your throat dry up and sometimes have difficulty speaking. Moreover, you will tend to retain undesirable energies, as they can no longer easily anchor into the ground, where their effects are neutralized. Thus both ends of the crystal must be kept open. The attachment must be around the length of the crystal; in this way the crystal will be able to breathe properly.

Another way that a clear quartz protects us is that it produces light, and light always repels darkness. It also amplifies your etheric energy, thus repelling everything contrary to your electromagnetic field. One of the characteristics of clear quartz crystal is its light refraction index, which is 1.55, meaning that as light travels through the crystal it is bent at an angle of 1.55. Thus the crystal will be more efficient when worn outside one’s clothing rather than beneath the clothing. It works with light and refracts light, thus this is added protection for your etheric web and your sensitivity.

Excerpt from Blue Eagle’s book FIRST NATION’S CRYSTAL HEALING.


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