First, it’s good to mention that these teachings exist in several traditions. I found them in Cherokee traditions and in the ancient Vedruss traditions of Russia. I am certain that we can find them also in the other traditions. I mention this because it’s proof of the validity of what is shared that nations so far geographically share the same traditions.

Do you protect the earth where you live? Did you know that the best way of protecting nature is by growing your own food? If you eat fruit, vegetables and nuts that grow on the family domain you already have the first part of this equation. The plants which grow on the family domain are adapted to your organism and feed you as nothing else can. These plants take their instructions from the biology of your family and from the stars and are also in connection with the creative intelligence of the universe. They also give you energies and information which are essential to becoming a Real Human being. Man who lives in paradise, because the family domain is paradise or at least becomes so after a few generations, carries out his life mission, because he is co-creating life on earth in unity with the Primordial Intelligence of the world. By being co-creative he is profoundly in love with the world, he loves the earth and all what lives there. By being in love with life on earth he is also profoundly alive. Death, as a concept of an end, end of the line, or a limit which is the end of life, does not exist.

The consciousness of a Man who took care and loves the earth will bring him back to what he loves.

People who live in nature love to sleep with their family under the stars. They look together at the sky and become attached to a star in particular which becomes their star, the family star. This star feels their love, a connection is created and the energy which pours between them, between the star and the family, is full of information. This information is recorded by the star and by the immortal consciousness of the father mother and their children. When by love and by the connection create with the earth the grandfather is reborn in his grandchildren, he remembers it all when he sleeps under the stars with his new family. It is then that the continuity of consciousness is realized and then together the whole family remember: ah!! But yes! You were my grandpapa who is now my son, ah!! You were my grandmother, dear daughter! When we live in accordance with nature we become naturally telepathic, thus when those memories awake under the stars it’s the whole family that shares it’s happiness in a moment of extraordinary realization. The joy experienced in that moment might be too powerful for the weak hearts of our current robotic civilized slaves of the modern world

Do you see how much we have lost? What we need to rekindle?

I once was invited to a normal civilized burial and a member of the family asked me to see if the soul of the person was happy and if we could help. The soul of the grandmother was there. But, ouf… the weight of the civilized tradition, this cemetery which condemns the person to perpetual death by asserting in stone that person’s death on the tomb stone, the body completely separated from nature in an air-tight box, the weight of an existence completely separated from nature and from the mission of all human beings, all this rendered any intervention useless, but the sadness of all this was heavy as I could do nothing.

Death in the natural communities does not exist. Even when a body becomes uninhabitable the being is still profoundly attached to life and its soul has nothing more urgent than to return to our beauteous earth mother and our dear family. The body becomes the flowers and trees of the domain and at the end of a few years no trace is left of the grave other than green nature. And when we meet again, the joy is as magnificent as a rain of falling stars in the songs and dances of a reborn family!

Peace and light to all

Blue Eagle


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