Not much progress in spite of the consciousness and realizations that seems to emerge bit by bit in the population that this way of life is destined to self-destruction. But most people still think that the governments, technology and science will find the answers to our problems. Main stream illusions are tenacious.

Nevertheless, great tidings of hope and magnificent progress come to console us. I have to say that the vast majority come to us from Russia. Really important decisions were taken over there: ban on genetically modified organisms, ban on the import of meat, creation by the state of family domains given to those who choose to come back to a natural lifestyle, and the extraordinary books written by Grigori Grabovoi and Vladimir Megre. That is why the planet seems to want to revile Russia! Indeed, it’s the first country which seems to want to turn towards health, human intelligence, ecology and a healthy management of natural resources. So, the media are blocking all the information which comes from over there except those who might make us think that they are the enemy!

One of the things I don’t understand at present is the affection which Donald Trump seems to grant to Russia. This man, what he is and wants to do, and why he likes Russia is a mystery to me, but a positive point which I find in his election.

So, I see a deterioration of the situation on all levels in 2017 except for the elevation of consciousness in a growing number of people everywhere. The spiritual energies now being poured on the planet are more and more important and powerful and the resistance by the system more and more desperate and illogical. I do not know how to summarize all the forces set in the present world in this small message, but I see the future with great hope. The challenge is to unite our forces, that those who have begun to wake up can find real answers to their questions and that we can really unite to return to the basis of health and human intelligence. We will find true intelligence and happiness in the fulfillment of the mission of Humanity on earth: creating paradise! So, the most powerful political and ecological move that we can accomplish in 2017 it is to cultivate pure health, our gardens and our forests.

On the personal level, the year 2016 was extraordinary with the meeting of the Mongolian country, people and shamanism. My collaboration with the Hippocrates Health Institute where I will teach and practise healing in February is also very important as I consider them to be the best health centre in the western world. I’ve completed the 3rd year of the shamanic practitioner’s training in Europe, and in 2017 they will take their first steps in the equinoxes and solstices ceremonies that we shall celebrate with the public and where they will quietly receive their final initiations. We’ve created an association to promote family domains and Native American charities and during the first months of 2107 you will have the opportunity to become a member of Domains for the Earth. Simultaneously associations carrying the same name are being created in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Check the blog for updates and ways to collaborate. I’ve begun a book I’m passionate about entitled THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE. During the months which come, I shall share some excerpts here. We have also found love this year, thus the sharing of this picture of happiness at the beginning of this message. Divine couples reuniting the sacred feminine and sacred masculine are the future. It’s our turn to co-create a respectful World, for us and all future generations! Life will always be victorious.

Our best wishes of Joy, Peace and Love in 2017!

Blue Eagle and Dragon Butterfly Woman

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