The vast steppes where herds of horses, sheep, goats, camels, cattle and yaks roam in search of the prairie grass which grows everywhere and where there are no fences, no enclosures, no stables, corrals, but the vast steppes as far as the eye can see. That’s the first thing which struck me in Mongolia. The inhabitants are open, kind and we feel in them raw strength which comes from nature, from the earth. They look strangely like Innus (the Montagnais of Quebec, First Nations of the north coast) but without the accumulated suffering coming from 500 years of physical, cultural and political genocidal policies imposed on these nations here in Canada.

Chevaux sauvages de la Mongolie
Wild horses in Mongolia
Tai Sono - doctor
Tai Sono – doctor and dear friend during this trip. He healed many of our wounds.

Then there are the shamans, true shamans, not the superficial impersonators we find in our civilized societies but men and women of power, imbued with the wisdom of their forebears with the dedication and humility to always listen and respond to the demands and teachings of their ancestors. To me this was like a cool fresh wind, a light of truth that was finally the size of a country. If there’s something that I appreciate and find non-negotiable its freedom, the inalienable rights bestowed on the sons and daughters of Great Spirit. I found myself in a country where freedom is not just a slogan but indeed a tangible reality. To convey the sigh of relief that I experienced would be difficult; you’ll have to guess 🙂

We visited many tourist attractions but the most interesting time was unquestionably the 4 days we spent in the wild, camping under the great starry sky of the steppe. In four days we did not see a single plane or car. The only technology was that of the nomadic breeders coming to visit us from the next valley on their small motorcycles which replace from time to time their horses. There was no light pollution, no artificial lights at all, so the starry sky was breath taking. I have never seen so many stars; I understand why the Great Eternal Sky is a divinity for the Mongols. The sky of Mongolia is of an infinite vastness that inspires music and an incomparable poetry.

Our sharing with the Mongolian shamans was very interesting. My European students were as always, in a bit of a hurry and had to learn patience but it was rewarded. As always in nature there needs time to get to know the other and for them to prepare the space and the people to meet their ancestors. The Mongolian shamans repeatedly stated that this 3rd shamanic tour with shamans of another country was unique and remarkable by the resemblance of our two visions of shamanism, the open mind we had towards their practices, the unity of our group and the shamanic atmosphere which predisposed to powerful and fertile ceremonies. We shared many things and during a ceremony where one of the shamans incorporated a great warrior of the heroic and extraordinary past of Chengis Khan, this ancestor asked to meet my ancestors. This is logical because they are also of a proud warrior culture. We thus had a few days later a ceremony together.


en préparation de la rencontre des ancêtres mongol et amérindien
Preparing the meeting between Mongolian and Amerindian ancestors

It was a very hot day under a blazing sun. Several participants chose not to climb the mountain being afraid of being so exposed and unprotected under such a brilliant sun. Nevertheless, as soon as the ceremony began we no longer felt any discomfort. On the contrary, we were transported out of time into an incomparable magical space. Straight away the ancestors who always come arrived behind me and then 13 war chiefs with their leader in front of them, on their Indian appaloosa horses carrying the long coup stick[1] on which they had attached an eagle feather. Seeing that, the Mongolian shaman’s ancestor called 1000 Mongolian warriors on their steads, appearing in an instant on the steppe. I could see the first ranks of these warriors. It was really very impressive! Then, the dialogue between our two wisdom streams began. During the ceremony I saw being created between us a great vortex of rainbow light leading to the heart of the earth. Up through this vortex came a great white horse. As soon as its hooves were above the ground smaller horses of all colours sprang from it running away in all directions at lightning speed. My ancestor whispered in my ear, “they carry your prayers to all directions!”

During our discussions the Mongolian ancestor asked me to take the solemn vow to come back and to continue helping them in their fight against the forces of darkness, the great corporations which have invested the country and who are destroying sacred sites in search of gold, burying in the desert of Gobi their radioactive waste. I did not hesitate, I pledged that I would return. The ancestor gave me three horses to bind our pact.[2] This gift was confirmed by the shaman the next day. This shaman has renamed three of his horses, Blue Eagles’ horses and is keeping them until I return. We then sang to collect the clouds and coming from the west immediately great clouds came and continued to assemble, giving us in the evening a beautiful thunderstorm with beautiful flashes of lightning, thunder and rain[3] . We sang three songs to bring closure to the ceremony and it ended. As we were packing our regalia and medicine, a participant looked at the time. We were all under the impression that the ceremony had lasted approximately one hour but in fact 3 hours had passed by.

This ceremony in the opinion of all those who participated was the most powerful and impressive of the whole tour. And it was for me the confirmation of all that I had felt since the beginning of this journey. I have found with the Mongolian people a profound spiritual harmony. Our sharing and collaborations will be innumerable in the years to come. It is the beginning of a powerful and effective partnership.


Mongolie - chamanisme (248)
Offerings for World Peace

We have the same opinion that shamanism is universal and that traditional shamanism is the only spirituality shared by all aboriginal nations of the world. We believe shamanism can facilitate the return towards men coming to understand each other, coming back to nature, to true values and health for Man and the earth.

I am of the same opinion as my brothers and sisters of Mongolia. There were at some point in time aboriginal native nations in all countries of the world. We lived in harmony before the “bulldozer” of civilization with its corruption, lies and destruction of nature and the steady erosion of our liberties. All Men and Women of the world have in their distant ancestors those who lived in harmony with nature. By creating this unity, not only with the people but also with the forces and powers of nature, shamanism can facilitate our return towards true values, healing and health for men and the earth. We have a lot of work in front of us but there is hope. It takes the courage and perseverance of a warrior to succeed against the innumerable problems created by our modern corporations and governments. At least now I know that the Mongolian shamans are also working to heal our spirit and the land that we have injured.

What’s necessary, first of all, is to offer this world education, specific teachings on life and our relationship to the earth. Understanding the stakes that we face, the end of our world as we know it, and that the solution would also bring about happiness and health, can do a lot to peacefully help us recreate a world in harmony with nature.

We need to be peaceful warriors today and bring our fight to the courts of justice, to giving the facts and reality of the world to the public, in civil disobedience against the abuses of money, but always with the nonviolent resistance shown to us by Ghandi. We are at the dawn of a new world. The spirit of the warrior continues but his courage is manifested differently today.

I am in gratitude that the spirit of the warrior still exists in other cultures than our own. This meeting is significant and a great reassurance to me. The spirit of the warrior of light is often absent in those who profess a modern shamanism. The integrity, impeccability, determination to never compromise with the system, the will of reinforcing the body so that it has strength for the fight, the courage to assert the truth in all circumstances, the courage to enact civil disobedience when defending important causes, these are the traits I often find absent in modern shamans. My ancestors taught me the ways of the light warrior and I carry them proudly to the best of my ability. This is one of the first times when I find this spirit elsewhere and this time it has the size of a country!

So, I shall return to Mongolia and we shall also meet in other countries. Our pact was confirmed in spirit and on a material level. I believe that the future will show that this is a historical moment for those seeking to create unity amongst those who want healing for the earth and the spirit of Man. May our collaboration produce skillful means, beneficial energies and auspicious circumstances to benefit future generations.

enfants mongols en ballade
Mongolian children in ballad

Two companies are in the cross hairs of the Mongolian warriors. Already the nomadic herders have protested strongly in the capital Ulaanbaatar with 100 horsemen and horse carts and erected eight gers (yurts) there against the French company AREVA SA with their Mongolian subsidiary AREVA MONGOL LLC which exploits uranium in Mongolia. Most of them are herders, who have come on horseback from the countryside demanding a stop to the mining activities that destroys their pastureland. It seems that violence and secrecy surrounds their exploitations and foreign journalists were assaulted and had to urgently leave the country without publishing their documentaries. The biggest anti-nuclear site on Facebook is from Mongolia with about 10,000 members. See the information about AREVA in Mongolia.   The other is a Canadian company CENTERRA GOLD, a mining company which wants to plunder a sacred mountain, Noyon Mount, a mountain blessed in the memory of the Mongolian people, to extract gold. Only 34% of the incomes of this exploitation would stay in Mongolia. See the news HERE. Please do what you can to support the Mongolian people.

Peace in your hearts and courage on the path.


Aigle Bleu

[1] The Stick of Stroke was a test of great courage, the greatest for the Amerindian warrior, which consisted of touching the enemy with a simple stick and getting away without being killed.

[2] This gift was confirmed by the shaman the next day. This nomadic shaman has renamed three horses of his herd “Blue Eagle Horses” and he keeps them until I return.

[3] The clouds continued to assemble after our departure, still from the west, giving us in the evening a beautiful storm with fine lightning, thunder and rain.

(4) Photo album of the trip HERE

(5) Below in the comments several testimonies of people who were traveling.

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