So, ritual and ceremony are not something that is occult or esoteric or magic; there is magic, of course, but it’s not something that has to be shrouded in mystery, it has to be very clear why you are doing it and why it works. That is one of the reasons why when I teach, I always say, “Don’t believe a word I say, test it, see if it works, look before, and look after. If it works, then it’s good for you, if it doesn’t work, it’s not for you”. You know, it has to be really logical, it has to be rational, we mustn’t get caught up in some fashion that shrouds things in mystery, where you don’t really understand what you are doing and why. Religions have wandered so far from Source that people are doing a lot of things that they don’t understand, nor why they are doing them. They rely on blind faith rather than rational, logical thought. We don’t usually relate spirituality and logic but if we look at it with all we are, with our entire being, that is also rational and emotional, then we realize that we do need to have these moments of collective participation in the subtle, luminous and invisible dimensions of being. A survey done in Canada a few years ago asked a representative part of the population if they believed that our being had an existence after death and also if they had or knew someone that had had an experience of some sort of communication with a friend or relative that had died. An overwhelming majority of the people interrogated did have such beliefs and experiences with spirits. This aspect of human existence is non-existent in main stream media despite the fact that people do exist on multiple dimensions and do believe in spirit. This is why we really need to rethink our way of life and let go of main stream society that promotes a materialistic, controlled and policed existence where magic, nature and freedom are relegated to the past.

La joie était avec nous toute la journée

Our ceremonies and rituals really need to be effective and powerful. Ritual is a way of communicating with each other and with nature. Thus it has to remain something that is natural and logical.

B: Do you think that if somebody tries something ritual and he doesn’t believe that puts some impeding energy that will prevent the desired effect from happening?

Blue Eagle: Of course. Communicating with spirit requires wholehearted commitment. It can even put impending energy on what other people are doing. This all depends on the strength, power and wisdom of the one conducting the ceremony and the people that are doing it with that person. Normally in aboriginal societies all are of one mind and this kind of situation is unheard of. This is a modern phenomenon where people are sceptical of spirit. Some don’t believe in the intelligence that has created the universe and are devoid of faith. That’s part of the devolving we spoke of previously. How these people can live a full life is a mystery to me. I remember how dumbfounded I was the first time I met an atheist. I have come to understand this as a great handicap that modern civilization has created to render people dependent on technocratic lifestyles and societies.

We can come back to a natural spirituality. This spirituality is still existent in all aboriginal societies throughout the world that haven’t been formatted by religions. If we live close to nature, we will naturally recreate some form of natural, logical ritual practice.

We can recreate paradise. In paradise we can come back to a healthy, easy and relaxed way of life. We will no longer need to run all the time after money, fame or survival. We only need to live intelligently as human beings. Right now people live as cyborgs and bio-robots and give up their vitality in the form of taxes to governments who collude with companies to destroy and pollute the environment that gives life. It’s so much more pleasant and healthier to live in paradise, on the beautiful earth mother with her birds and flowers, fruits and vegetables! We shall cocreate this lifestyle by building our family domains. Then the magic of life will be reborn and our ceremonies and our rituals will be natural, logical and harmonious.

All our relations

Blue Eagle

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