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It is a well-known fact that there are mercury-based compounds that are used as preservatives in the vast majority of vaccines used all over the world. There is an international resistance against the use of these compounds. These compounds are cheap and are proven to be virulent and violent neurotoxins. The Hippocrates Health institute in Florida, where I shall teach in February 2017[1], and that I consider to be the most advanced health organization in the west, explains that the high incidence of autism in the developed world is partly due to vaccines. Before the imposition of vaccines by the governments who listen to the propaganda of the pharmaceutical lobbies who are the most powerful lobbies in the world, the incidence of autism was about 1 out of 10,000 children. This would be some 25 years ago. This is already much higher than what we had before the arrival of Europeans in America. The current Incidence is of about 1 out of 50 children and the Hippocrates Health Institute foresees that in 2025 it will be 1 child out of 2 who will suffer from autism! Vaccines, Roundup, genetically modified foods and other chemical pollutants are the causes for this plague. The pharmaceutical companies are aware of this problem, as there are many scientific studies that have proven the neurotoxic effects of these compounds, but their profit is more important to them than the health of our children. In my opinion, they are the worst criminals on the planet and they act with complete impunity in concertation with our governments.

I have worked in the health field all my life. I know that medications that are no more or less chemicals can mask a symptom but heal nothing. The body knows how to be heal itself. If it has good life conditions, that is; non-transformed healthy foods, sunshine, pure air, pure water, exercise, happiness, enough sleep and a minimum of love, is will heal from all diseases. Minister chemicals, medications to the body and it will always be sick. So, in fact, the endeavour of the pharmaceutical companies consists in making people sick to profit at their expense. The proof of this it is easy to demonstrate. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, and simple common sense, prescribe: “May food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Medical doctors study medicine for 7 years before practising medicine and yet they haven’t got a single class on the dynamics of good wholesome food. They are in fact drug dealers.

I consider that current medicine is very useful for poly traumatology: the severely wounded, the heavily burned, all emergency care where the body can be considered as mechanics and chemicals. But to help with diseases modern medicine should be as avoided as the plague. Furthermore, the lies that modern medicine propagates are legion, too numerous to even begin listing here. One example I often give: it has been proven that radioactivity and many if not all chemicals cause cancer. Modern medicine’s response to cancer? The very painful and life debilitating radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments! Some cancers have a 0% remission rate when treated with chemotherapy and yet they continue to prescribe it. Why? Might it be the off the charts profit the pharmaceuticals make with chemotherapy?

The sad part of all this is that the vast majority of doctors and modern health practitioners have good intentions. They really want to help and they do all they can to relieve suffering. But reality is proof that they are misinformed: most diseases are in strong increase, new diseases appear every year and number by the thousands. Many people are senile by the age of 80. By comparison our pre-European communities had healthy individuals who were 115 years old still able to dance all night! Cancers mow down individuals of all ages. Physical strength, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and spiritual connectedness of the population in developed countries decrease more and more every year. In fact, humanity is degenerating on all levels of being. And we are very numerous in many disciplines to bear witness to these facts.

The truth will always come to light. Those who make profit on the suffering of humanity will be brought to justice and we shall find our way back to health, true informed intelligence, enlightened purpose for life and happiness. The children of tomorrow will be healthy, the path has been shown to us, better days are at hand and await that we once more assume ourselves as the beloved children of Creator.

There are thousands of web pages that can inform you about the danger of vaccines and the international resistance to the use of toxic chemicals in their manufacturing. Google them for more info.

Love, Joy and Peace

Blue Eagle

[1] The HHI has the in-residence Life Transformation Program that lasts three weeks. I will be giving an overlay to that program called Spirit Healing from February 5th to 25th 2017. For more info ask for it in a comment at the end of this article. Comments are moderated so your request will remain confidential.

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