My consort photographed me this week dancing in the rain. Indeed, something that never changes through the seasons is the commitment to initiatory shamanism with the exercises, spiritual practices and meditations which allow us to exercise this essential role so rare in today’s world. Much wisdom was lost during those dark years when the European invader and the governments he created tried to destroy First Nations. He did not succeed his genocide but the aftereffects, wounds and loss of so much wisdom and teachings continue every day to torment our nations, manhandled and covered with scars and generational handicaps. Racism is far from having disappeared. Official authorities of all different kinds continue to torment the people. Murder of homeless aboriginal women, abuse, discrimination, destruction of hunting and fishing implements, polluting constructions on ancestral territories which create a poisoning of the waters, game and fish which results in at risk pregnancies, birth defects, stillborn children, I could continue for a very long time.

We have incorporated a non-profit organisation called Domains for the Earth. It’s dedicated to environmental protection through the creation of family domains. We are also going to support First Nations, non-status and metis peoples’ charities. You can already support us by becoming a member. Our Web sites are not ready yet but by writing and by sending through the post office your complete coordinates and $30, we shall make of you a member for one year.

Domains for the Earth, c/o BLUE EAGLE

555 Max Gros-Louis, Wendake, QC, CANADA G0A 4V0

It’s your everyday actions that ultimately will have a real impact on the world. That we have land in the country or a balcony in the city, what’s important is what we do every day. Protecting the environment is above all a philosophy, a way of thinking and a way of life. One step at a time, one day at a time, by accepting ourselves and our environment as we are, with gratitude, even if it’s difficult, because it’s the road we chose. We do so, quietly, a few steps every day. These small steps will ultimately become the millennium journey to our healing and that of the sacred mother earth. How?

Maybe by creating a small island of nature in your apartment. A small space of beauty with a crystal, some water, a candle, a plant, some corn flour, a rattle and purifying incense. There, candle lit, think of what is really important to you. Do this regularly, every day if possible. If we take time to reflect and think, sooner or later what we want becomes reality. Some people call this the law of attraction. I believe we need to go farther than that in our thinking. It’s not all the desires of man that are important. Especially today, it’s the will to co-create with the all-encompassing creative intelligence that is nature that becomes absolutely necessary.

I want to assert the right for every man to pure water, to pure air, to have time for family and to take in the sun all year long. I want freedom for Man. That freedom to be healthy within the world. That freedom to measure with his incredible intelligence and enlightened heart the mysteries of the universe. Not to make machines, and work every week all year long, but to increase his mental, physical, emotional, spiritual development every day! If we lived in nature we would naturally have this opportunity. And we can recreate these conditions in everyday life, in all environments if we put our will and intelligence to it, and by respecting what is truly important to us, what inevitably, if our thought and our intentions are pure, is our greater welfare and those of future generations on the very beautiful and holy earth – mother.

Soon a teaching tour in France begins. Most of the activities are full and cannot welcome any new participants. On the other hand, look at the poster below, there is room in an activity a day before an interesting show where I shall be present for consultations, a conference and a concert.

I shall probably not have a lot of time to write during the tour. We shall see. But my activity never stops and together we shall succeed in healing this world that calls for wise and enlightened thoughts, words and actions.

Joy, Love, Peace

Blue Eagle

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