The dark ones that work for the destruction of mankind are losing ground. Humanity is waking up and understanding that its happiness, its freedom, its joy, its peace and its health is in the creation which was given to us, nature, and not in GMOs, technocratic medicine, corporations and technologies that destroy body and spirit. We have a long way to go yet but we are gaining ground. Several news delighted my heart this morning. A Russian friend writes to me saying that in Russia they continue to set up the Anastasia’s plan for healing the world, the family domains. I had spoken to you about it repeatedly, another step has just been achieved. Poutine has offered all the families who ask for it one hectare of land in the east of the country, free of charge and on the conditions suggested by Anastasia: tax-exempt and all products produced on these family domains also tax-exempt. McDonald has just closed all their restaurants in Bolivia and plan to do so in several other countries in Latin America. There were several other news also but another subject leaps to mind.

It is done! We have created two associations without lucrative purposes, one in France and one in Quebec. Both carry the name Domains for the Earth. We have on Monday in Quebec our first Annual General assembly and thus next week I will be able to say how to become a member of the association in Quebec and how to begin the project of covering the earth with family domains. For those who are newcomers to the blog, family domains are the solution to all the problems of humanity: disease, war, famine, poverty, etc. To explain this I have written two articles. See A Global Solution and The Definitive Solution.

I leave today to give another session of Créons the World. I have two activities in the next months which delight me. In June I shall make host a workshop in France with shamanism and horses and in July a journey in the heart of the last country where nomadism still exist. We will travel with several shamans from Mongolia through the steppes of Mongolia with Native American and Mongolian shamanism and shall visit Buddhists temples and nomadic families of Mongolia.

To next week! Love, Peace and Joy to all!

Blue Eagle

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