If we still lived within nature as the native people of this land before the arrival of the European colonizers, in accordance with life on this magnificent planet, we would notice the following conditions: our body would be very well proportioned. There would be no obesity, no bald person, very few infirmities, very few diseases, great physical strength, exceptional stamina, an adaptation to the environment that we would never be too much cold or too hot as the body would know how to adapt to the environment. We would be free, with few daily chores to insure daily needs and definitively very little stress. We would always be near our family, with several generations around us and would have a special communication with our ancestors and the invisible spirits which populate the world which surrounds us. Our mental capacity would be also be greater, exceptional memory and the speed of our thought much faster than the poor current students in our modern schools. We would be free, without taxes, without obligations to whoever it is other than the obligations which we accept freely for love of our family and community. We would be proud, honorable and honest, our given word more faithful than any signed contract.

I could continue for a long time in this way … There is a truth which permeates the spirituality of  First Nations. Its name is : the Beauty Way.  What artist could paint the beauty of a sunset which is transformed every minute, the beauty without faults of nature everywhere where man has not influenced it? Who does not feel the harmony of nature in the beauty of animals, birds, flowers and infinite landscapes in constant and perpetual transformation? The beauty of nature reflects the unchanging order of creation, the harmony of universal law. These laws, this order, this harmony exists in beauty, because it reflects precise, unchanging laws, in continual and infinite variations which always have the same criterion: beauty. Whether it’s the spiral of a galaxy or the whirlwind of water around a rock in the middle of a brook, the same laws are the demonstration of an immutable truth: what is true is beautiful! Now look now at the modern world that medias claim is the summit of progress: many handicaps and disabilities, lots of obesity, lots of pollution, many diseases, senility, many vile places, garbage dumps with nauseous smells, contaminated lands and water, plastics and petroleum in the oceans, injustices, dishonesty, crimes, corruption and I could go on for a long time in this way …

Man is defined by his relation with the land. Banks, governmental and corporate systems which presently control you, are feeding you lies that the vast majority of the citizens of this system believe. We have been conditioned and programmed for thousands of years to believe in an outer authority. This is contrary to the freedom and autonomy of any real, true human being. The same laws which govern nature are encoded in our souls, our hearts and our minds. But we have been educated in the schools of this civilized and corrupt world which wants to control us, as it makes a lot of money on our suffering. It grows rich on our diseases, our slavery to taxes, our dependences to substances and perverted and addictive foods, and I could continue for a long time in this way …

Nevertheless the truth is always there. Nature continues. Beauty smiles at us and indicates the way to truth. Great wise Men and Woman and enlightened beings have shown us the way back to harmony.   But it’s also simple to find it by ourselves, just by looking around us at the truth, at beauty, at what is good, love, which can all be translated in a simple sentence that all Men and Women of this planet have to re-learn: the land belongs to us and we belong to the land.

Blue Eagle

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