Happy Equinox!

equinoxe du printemps - spring equinox

As you may have noticed, the blog has renewed itself. Do not hesitate to underline its weaknesses and merits and to write your comments. It’s not easy to know how to best serve ancestral wisdom with modern technology !

This blog has the mission of bringing you food for thought, to bring about an awakening, to serve truth, which is many times neither easy nor pleasant to look at. Most people today are more fascinated by the illusions of our modern technocratic civilization and their own egos. I consider wisdom to be the greatest wealth of this world since with wisdom life has meaning, fosters an inexhaustible reservoir of courage and allows for a long and healthy life. Technology despite the fascination we have with it is in fact a detriment to understanding and implementing wisdom. More on this in the days to come.

In the light of First Nations ancestral wisdom; all our relations!

Blue Eagle

PS— All our relations is a common Native American prayer emphasizing the fact that we are all related, that all beings in this vast universe are connected to the source of creation.

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