manawan racisme amérindiens attikameksThe injustices and cruelties dished out to aboriginal peoples all around the world are innumerable and horrifying. For a long time the financial powers of the world have influenced education, evangelisation and programming of the masses by media and religious, military and police authorities to stigmatize, slander and attack the peoples living within nature. It serves the economic interests who use politics to oppress all peasant and native people to make profit. To live within nature costs nothing and does not pollute. A human being living in unity with nature will develop to his maximum potential and have perfect health . Beings in nature have a lot of time to be with family and this happiness and liberty create a mind set where Man has very few needs other than the essential needs for which nature provides with great abundance. It’s impossible to make profit off of these happy people. Thus this explains the physical, religious and cultural genocidal policies and actions towards aboriginal nations encoded in all civilizations based on money and banks.

We all need to work towards changing this state of affaires. I’ve written a bit about some possible solutions HERE . Please give your support for the First Nations Attikamek community of Manouane.

 Jean-Roch Ottawa, chef de Manawan. Photo : Charles Dagenais
Jean-Roch Ottawa, chef de Manawan. Photo : Charles Dagenais

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