electrosensibilite electromagnetic pollution blue eagles blog aigle bleuWarm greetings in this cold day of February. We have everywhere a winter which reflects the climate change that afflicts a bit more every year populations and the ecology of our planet. It’s important that consciousness increases and that those who understand the stakes and the solutions and who fight to implement them are helped and supported by all of us conscious people. We are approximately 12 % now  ! What is already enormous if we compare to 35 years ago when I began this work. When we reach 17-18 % things will begin to change exponentially. But we’ve got quite a ways to go yet.

My new blog platform is working quite well now. Newletters get to you, comments are displayed after moderation and traffic is back to the number of guests I had before the migration and is increasing. We did not manage to retrieve the comments the task was too enormous and would have cost me thousands of dollars. I’ve articles since 2009, more than 500 and some had more than 20 comments. So, yesterday, we came to the decision to drop them. My apologies to those who wrote, your comments were very precious, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles :)… I’ve also undertaken to translate into English the articles of the past years, I was lazy when it came to translating what I had so much fun writing. I will do some catching up. So you should be getting more articles in the coming months.

Peace and Light


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