Tilean Or Blue Eagle
Tilean Or Blue Eagle


This message is at a countercurrent with what is lauded by today’s society. It is in sync with First Nation’s original message and those who speak of voluntary simplicity and happy sobriety[1[1] This has nothing to do with dependencies but rather refers to a movement in France instigated by the famous ecologist Pierre Rahbi that resembles voluntary simplicity.]. Few people really want to look at reality, because then their whole way of life is in question. Yet, we do need to look long and hard at our current situation or we could very well lose our beautiful planet and humanity with her. If science, technology, industry and the greedy consumption of natural resources continues at the speed its going, it’s a no-brainer; in a few decades the earth will be too polluted to support life. Nuclear energy is sufficient in itself to put an end to our adventure on the beautiful earth mother and that’s only one of the innumerable problems that the current world civilization produces.

Fortunately, the solutions are there and common sense shows us the way. We want health and harmony with the earth for our future generations. Contrary to what religions try to teach us, happiness is not found in the heavens but here on earth. In spite of what the Medias say, happiness does not come when we have more and more and still more, because money and glory were never able to buy happiness. In spite what science fiction films portray, the answer to pollution on this planet is not to leave it for another planet but indeed to cleanse and take care of this one.

A complete change in what we choose is possible. There can be a will to choose wisdom rather than tendencies and fashion, to choose truth rather than conformity, to choose happiness rather than social success. To do this Men and Women need to share their wisdom, to remind themselves of what is true, of what is real, they need to express their happiness and their joys together. To this end new initiatives are becoming visible on the horizon of time. Two nonprofit organizations, one in France and one in Quebec are being created. They are both called Domains for the Earth. They will network people who are interested in the global, holistic, ecological solutions as detailed in these 2 articles The Real Solution     A global Solution . Pierre Rahbi in France speaks of establishing a civil forum to underline the work of all those who protect and heal the earth by cultivating gardens and like-minded projects. Ecovillages and Eco hamlets multiply. I could continue for a long time to detail all the positive initiatives that are coming to light in this year but, what’s important here, is to understand that humanity is evolving. In spite of this system that is striving to contain our liberties and suck dry our financial assets, freedom is always possible. To really attain our divine right to cultivate the earth we need to work together and to work together we need places to meet and share with like-minded people.

It is difficult for people to really communicate and understand each other, political and religious strife all over the world is the poignant illustration of our difficulties. That’s why the earth that will feed the children of our children has become so important. The earth mother can reunite us beyond all faiths, beliefs and nationalities, as it’s our foundation. Without the earth and its generous nature there is no life. Technology threatens the earth as producing technology requires the destruction of nature. Obtaining the resources to fabricate these machines is turning our fertile earth into a toxic desert. We need to understand that technology, in the long term, is really, ultimately, useless. We shall elaborate on that at another time; it exceeds the time span of our message.

Hope is with our children. We are and have been conditioned, programmed, brain washed for millennia. False truths, bad habits, and social norms that are completely ridiculous plague our days. This false information has been ingrained in our bodies, our hearts and our thoughts. As an example our bodies can no longer really adapt to nature and we have become dependent on technology. If we accompany the children in their discovery of the truth, that reality illustrated in nature and the earth, they will know how to find the solutions we need. For this to happen, a new educational paradigm is imperative. That is why in this beginning of 2016 I have translated my article EDUCATION. I offer this to you with my best wishes of hope and happiness as I send, from my heart to yours, love and joy.

Peace and Serenity throughout this coming year!!

Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle captured with a very old camera
Blue Eagle captured with a very old camera

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