fleur de procheThe healing of the earth will happen. This is inevitable. Man will find a healthy body and spirit and will heal the earth mother of the innumerable wounds and defilements he has inflicted on her. This corrupt and polluted world will one day be but a painful memory that we must never forget. It is important that we learn from our mistakes. We must learn how to make honorable amends when we have committed a fault. And for that to be possible we must recognize the error.

Guilt and punishment, from what I call the old world, are educational errors. They serve only to paralyze and evade the inevitable consequences of the errors we committed. It’s the wrong attitude, but is prevalent in this old world which already in the consciousness of the bearers of light and seers of the new world is sinking in the nauseous mud of the millennium accumulation of illusions and violations of eternal laws. Nothing good comes from feeling guilty, nothing good comes from punishment. It is necessary that we recognize our mistakes and weaknesses, to make honorable amends, to forgive and be forgiven, to correct if possible, to see in the light of spirit the right attitude and behaviour and to move forward towards the truth and the righteousness of the spiritual path.

It’s a question of appropriate education. To recognize the divinity of Man has to be at the heart of our educational endeavours, as the immense potential of healing and reparation of the uncountable errors of the humanity lies in this consciousness. One of the main errors of Man in recent millenia was to forget spiritual sovereignty. Nobody nor anything has the right to dictate the way we live. We have to learn this from within. That is why reward and punishment as educational methods are so disastrous and ineffective. The proof is there everywhere around us, all over the civilized world. Indeed, prisons, which are punishment factories, have never diminished crime. On the contrary, they are always full and criminals continue to exercise their different deviant ways, having learned more from those like them they met in prison. Aboriginal or native communities all over the world have never needed police or prisons. They carry in the way they educate their children the internal consciousness of what is right and wrong. Native Americans never punished their children. The first times they saw Europeans punishing with cruelty their children, they were filled with horror!

Yes, the road towards healing will take numerous generations. But this healing is already there, in our hearts and spirit. Truth and light will always be victorious. The rate at which this truth and light will manifest in the world depends on you. Do you recognize, defend and uphold your spiritual sovereignty?

Peace, Joy and Love

Blue Eagle

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