The Beauty Way

The beauty way is the recognition of the purity, perfection and beauty inherent to all elements of nature. For all Native people of the world, there is an understanding that the laws of nature are immutable and perfect and that Man finds his way, his sacred path to happiness, when he is in harmonious resonance with these laws. These laws govern the atoms and the galaxies as well as heart and bodies of Men.

One of the consequences of this harmonization is beauty. A person who in harmony with the laws of creation is beautiful, inside and out.

All the landscapes of nature that are untouched by man are beautiful. This is a reflection of the perfection of the laws of nature. Thus one who harmonizes with nature, who follows what Native people call our original instructions, walks on the Beauty Way. It is this understanding of the ways and visions of First Nations that I describe in the fifth edition of my volume republished in French by the EDITIONS DU DAUPHIN BLANC. I have translated the book into English but no publisher has yet come to request the rights to make it available to the public. I don’t have the time nor the interest in writing to all these people. This is not my way. When I started teaching my elders said: “you go where you are invited”. That has been my way. All my 6 books were requested by different editors. So I do the work and await the right time and place to deliver this to the public. But you can! My books sell really well. Thus, I’m certain that many people would benefit if the right people wanted to publish this book that a Cherokee Elder who read my translation described as: “Impressive and profound wisdom”.

Walk soft and tender on the beauty way!

Blue Eagle


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