premier-ministre-essuye-larmes-apresIt was a very important day yesterday for the First Nations of Canada. The Prime Minister of this country publically asked for forgiveness for the sexual abuses, the ill-treatment and multiple brutalities which were committed against native children in the residential schools where the children were imprisoned by force, taken away from their parents sometimes at the point of the gun, with the admitted intention of eradicating the traditions and culture of all First Nations. These atrocities lasted for more than fifty years. The Prime Minister, in the publication of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission apologized to the survivors of these schools and to the nations for the atrocities committed and the multiple intergenerational problems which continue to afflict our nations ever since. The PM was emotional and wiped a few tears following his short speech. This is an enormous step! With this recognition we are going to be able to truly shed our own tears for all that happened and continues to happen as a consequence of these genocidal actions, face all that we need to look at and truly begin to heal.

Since the election into power of Justin Trudeau, numerous beneficial, logical and ethical decisions have been taken. For the first time of my long life, I have hope in a national political leader. We must pray for this man.

Peace and Light

Blue Eagle

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