paysage roseI’ve always rested in the truth of life. Thus the world that revolves around me is very different from the one we find in the system, in ordinary life. This is why people are so happy in my seminars and workshops. The photos that we take of those groups of people are full of smiles, laughter and enthusiastic serenity. That is why returning to ordinary life is so difficult, especially for those who work in the system. Those who go back to their family domains don’t experience this shock. They continue their path towards the new world and the joy which accompanies this path knows no interruption.

I’ve learnt to never make concessions or compromise my ideal for the system in my inner world. For a very long time, ever since childhood when I understood the errors of humanity, I refused to embark on this rotten vessel which pollutes the earth. My only regret and my only concern is that I don’t always know how to communicate the reality of paradise, the existence of a parallel world which is in sync with universal law and that can adapt to the system without being of the system. I can speak of this but I’ve noticed that people are so conditioned by the system that they don’t trust, that they are suspicious, or disenchanted, hopeless, resigned to a stressful life estranged from nature. We also need to take into account biorobots, those who are programmed beyond repair, who are like cyborgs integrated into the system, part of the system. They are legion, and automatically attack all they perceive can threaten their artificial world. Those who do wake up to awareness of reality are often afraid of what may happen to them because of these biorobots and do not take the steps it would take to exit the artificial world. Thus, the path towards paradise is a difficult one yet I would not consider another or exchange it for riches and fame. Cause the joy, love peace and light that we find on this journey are pure, healthy, strong, and instill in us an understanding which allows us to overcome all obstacles. Also, this path will lead to longevity and lives filled with vitality, hope and love.

I dream of creating a show, a musical-visual-olfactory event able to communicate in a few hours to many people the reality of paradise. I would like to create an environment of truth and invite all those who would for a moment like to feel the infinite possibilities of the human mind. We are of the earth, the earth belongs to us and we belong to the earth. It’s our holy inheritance. As goes one of my songs, to abandon the earth it is to live without father nor mother. Let us come back to reality that beautius wonder of nature.

The idea of such a show is thrown into the universe on this bright morning. Let us wait and see what will bloom under the sun of future possibilities. Let us come back to what was given to us from the very beginning, that we deserted to better understand that there is only one truth, paradise on earth!

Joy, Peace, Love from my heart to yours

Blue Eagle

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