The ecological and social problems we face today are enormous and threaten the health and future of Humanity and all life on earth. This assertion may seem exaggerated, but let us look at just one of these numerous problems to prove this assertion.

The influence of nuclear radiation on living bodies is that of the mutation of cells and the proliferation of disease. Nuclear weapons and technology have the potential for total annihilation of humanity and all life on planet earth. In spite of a coalition of 106 nations wanting to forbid nuclear warfare, the nations which possess this technology arrogantly refuse to discuss the possibility of nuclear disarmament! 40 % of Europe is already strongly contaminated and, according to certain experts, should be considered uninhabitable. The Irish Sea is the most strongly polluted by radioactivity: 33 % of aquatic life in the Irish Sea suffers from cancerous tumors. Teas produced south of Tokyo make Geiger counters react and numerous foods produced by Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are strongly contaminated. The policies of international organizations make it near impossible for the nations who want to limit the purchase of these products to do so. Several rivers in North America, especially near the west coast, are very contaminated by radioactivity. Plutonium used by industry becomes more dangerous with time as it degrades. Thus, we shall have negative health effects with the use of industrial plutonium for many generations to come. The nuclear power station disasters illustrate very well the long-term effects of radioactivity. After the disaster of the Tchernobyl nuclear reactor disastor, all the children in a 250 kilometer perimeter contracted thyroid cancer, the first one to appear after an exposure to high levels of radioactivity. After that, other problems appeared: infertility, neurological disorders, deformities, other forms of cancer, degenerative diseases, etc. The residues of nuclear power stations are unusable by industry and remain strongly radioactive for thousands of years. The industry does not know what to do with them and the residues accumulate. In Fukushima Japan, since the disaster of the nuclear power station, tractors collect millions of kilos of strongly contaminated dirt and wrap it in plastic which does not retain radioactivity. They do not know what to do with it or where to put it.

Thus a single one of the numerous threats that threaten the future of Humanity is sufficient in itself to annihilate us. That only a few countries lose control of their nuclear power stations and the earth is cooked, forgive the pun! What can we do?

We need a global solution which addresses all the problems with which we are confronted, a solution that will allow every family to protect the earth for future generations. There are too many problems; the solution of just one of them would not have a long-term beneficial effect on the future of the planet. The earth mother is the source of all that we need to live and be happy. I think that we can all agree that the future of our children and the children of our children is the most important goal we could possibly have. A consensus to this could allow that all unite in a common purpose, beyond any religious, national or political consideration. To do this, we would need a global solution which is economically viable, pleasant because it is the only way that all would want to participate and beneficial for the ecology.

There is a solution which answers all these requirements. It’s called family domains. This solution is simple, economically viable, pleasant, healthy and practical. It can be done by all families with a little bit of collaboration with each other. Their principle is simple. If every family owns one hectare of land and cultivate gardens to feed themselves, the international industrial food industry becomes useless. Thus enormous expenses in petroleum, electricity, herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other poisons and pollution are eliminated. Famine that afflicts many countries would be eradicated. The family domain would amply supply all the familys’ needs for food. It has been proven many times over that with a hectare of land a family can feed itself abundantly for eternity. It has been proven that land cultivated in biodiversity is healthier and produces a lot more food than land cultivated industrially in monoculture. It has been proven that food grown by human beings versus machines is much healthier, delicious and ecological. The land in fact, can produce all that we need. As with our forefathers, a small village of peasants can produce ecological building materials, clothing from organic fibers and organic healthy pure foods, in abundance!

Let’s be logical about what can really benefit all humans on earth. To be healthy all of us need: pure water, pure air, healthy food, sunlight, exercise, love, stimulating activities, enough rest and sleep. Family domains fulfill all these needs for eternity. We also need peace and freedom to be able to live so. It’s obvious to anyone who can think straight that a simple life in nature allows for better development of human capabilities such as better memory, more physical strength, better health, a more relaxed and less stressful life style, more time for love, for fraternity, for sharing, more time for celebrating the beauty of life, philosophy, the arts, music, dance and reflection. All human beings need to reflect on what it is to be a Man or a Woman. That’s what makes us who we are. In today’s world people neither have the time not the perspective necessary to do this is an enlightened way.

One of the observations that most people make today is that our current way of life is not logical. Decisions taken by governments and international corporations are not beneficial for the nations, but for a small elite who have an obscene quantity of money and financial means. It’s as if we’ve given away our freedom to people who have limited intelligence. It’s a given that because they have a lots of money or power does not mean that they are happier, wiser or healthier. On the contrary, I’ve noticed that the more a person has power or lots of money the more they seems prisoner of them, incapable of detaching their sense of identity from these temporary advantages (temporary as we all face death as naked as when we were born) and often undergoing enormous personal sacrifice to preserve them.

The current system, which is in the hands of these people, effectively handicapped by their fortunes and power, is destroying the ecology and the earth terribly fast. Nobody seems to be able to stop this wild run towards death. Everything is polluted today, the air, the nuclear fire, the earth, even the oceans are contaminated by a horrifying quantity of plastics and petroleum which does not degrade. This is not a way of life that is intelligent or rational. It does not lead to health and happiness. Most people are slaves of a grueling work schedule often in stressful and polluted environments and persist in thinking that we live in an era of progress. The intelligence of Man seems to have disappeared.

If we had family domains, life would be simple and would follow the rhythm of the days, nights and seasons. Gardens that are cultivated in biodiversity most often produce more than expected. Trees call the rain and deserts can be transformed into unlimited oasis. Proof exists that those who live in nature can find solutions to all environmental problems if they have the freedom to do so and the freedom to talk with others in their environment who have the same problems. The intelligence of Man is infinite, but to be able to use this intelligence in a meaningful way one must respect the laws of life on earth. These laws are not those of the governments of the world nor those of science that serve a technology that destroys the earth, but the laws of common sense!

Technology is really not necessary! It is possible to cultivate the earth with very few very simple tools. Man originally was perfectly well adapted to life on earth. Technology acts as a prosthesis or orthosis, crutches which artificially facilitate certain actions. Using these technologies will atrophy muscles and the natural abilities that Man has to carry out these same actions naturally. Technologies that are put to service to create family domains are beneficial and also temporary. We shall re-learn rather quickly what comes naturally and at a lower cost for the environment and our precious time for life and happiness! In the long run technology always needs a lot more work, time and expense than the simple ways we used to do things.

Our educational institutions have fed us false images and lots of erroneous data. For example they say that the cavemen, our so called ancestors, had a difficult and dangerous life. This is not the case. Certain sciences describe the caveman as a carnivore who had to kill animals to insure his subsistence. If this was true, would we have a set of teeth that resembles that of an herbivore and a digestive system specifically organized to extract nutriments from a plant based diet which produces putrefaction when digesting animal protein? Here is where we use this intelligence called common sense! The lies of this technocratic system are intended to maintain us in ignorance and slavery.

Life within family domains allows for a lot of freedom, because there are many ways to grow food and answer ones needs with minimum work. Family domains are an intelligent and practical solution to all our current problems. All families can realize their domain with a little help from each other. This solution is gaining more and more popularity all over the world. One of the largest countries of the world is now very advanced in the establishment of family gardens and domains. The principles leading to permanent happiness of families on family domains have been voted into law with the will to give lands to families who want to participate.

The basic principles that are necessary to establish family domains are the following:

  1. The domain has to be a minimum of 1 hectare and rarely exceed 2 hectares.
  2. It has to belong solely to the family.
  3. This land cannot be seized, not subject to sale outside of the family and only transmissible in the family by inheritance.
  4. The earth and the dwelling on the family domain must be tax free and tax-exempt. Products and services generated by the family from the domain must also be tax-exempt.
  5. The family domains of a same area must be free to organize together. Their concerted actions and management of lands and common installations must be tax exempt.

This is simple and practicable. For the state, contrary to what we would first think, income would be increasing. Indeed, the most effective and the most essential products for all human beings, with a quality far beyond what we consider to be organic today, would be generated in great abundance by family domains. These happy people will want to share them and exchange with others domains who produce other products. It will then be very easy to organize the sale of these products locally, regionally and internationally. The government will have fewer expenses, because communities composed of family domains will know how to address all their needs. They will already have a much better health and will not need all the medical services that are currently used to maintain the current population in their disease ridden lifestyle!

Even if the current governmental and social situations temporarily limit the full realization of family domains, the solutions to implement them can be found. If we reflect a bit we shall realize that all our problems can be resolved by the implementation of family domains. We can start small. When other families see the joy, health, skills and intelligence of those who live on family domains, they will want the same.

In the beginning, we shall use technology. But as the children of our domains will adapt to nature, these technologies will be less and less necessary. The natural abilities of the people will return and our children will be stronger, more balanced, healthier and more intelligent and their children even more so.

Let us look at it together. If any of our current problems does not seem to be resolved by family domains, if you don’t see solutions like those below, write a comment and I shall try to answer it.


We spoke about radioactivity. A person who has lived all his life on a family domain (yes this already exists and has always existed) found a solution to the safe disposal of nuclear waste. By wrapping radioactive waste in lead which effectively contains its radioactivity and burying it 10 feet deep- approximately 3 meters of depth – will effectively nullify its harmful toxicity. By distributing a small amount everywhere on earth on all family domains the problem for nuclear waste is settled.

The problem of war for example! What need would a group of people have to look to their neighbor for what it already abundant on their own land? All wars will stop if people live on family domains. Because there would be no reason and no motivation to leave a place where we are sovereign and free, happy and healthy, to go spread the misery and suffering of war to other countries, risking retaliation at home! Please understand that we know how to encode the plants we grow to serve the specific needs of our families. These plants have a curative influence on the family. So, our vegetables and our fruits, those who grow on our domain, have much better taste! And they are attuned to the specific needs of our bodies and those of our immediate family. They really illustrate Hippocrates’s axiom : « May food be your medicine and medicine be your food. » In such circumstances, where we have on our doorstep the healthiest and tastiest food in the world, who would want to carry war to their neighbor or too far off lands?

I await your comments. Please write them on the blog and not on social media, I’m using social media only as a showcase for this blog, so not always aware what people have written there.

Joy, Love and Peace

Blue Eagle

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