Philomena Mackenzie
Philomena Mackenzie

For a long time I’ve had the desire to give to the Native peoples from whom I’ve received so much and who have suffered innumerable atrocities in the hands of this system. I often sit with the last great Healers of the Innu nation who are so few and battling against an impossible task. How can they take care of nine communities when there are only a few of them who still know the traditional ways of Innu medicine? To be confronted with that is appalling as the needs are gigantic and the resources minuscule. It’s not the governments who will help; on the contrary their actions have quite the opposite intention. Genocide has been their hidden agenda all along, and after so many years it has become unconscious but integrated into all they do. The system attacks those who give traditional care.

As for myself I accepted the mandate a long time ago to promote global solutions through sharing of wisdom and knowledge rather than working on individual healing. So, I don’t have any resources either. Then, what is to be done?

I see in the subtle realms a grouping of people from all the colors of humanity, collaborating to invest in these communities. The fact is, these healers carry great hope for all of mankind since their knowledge has roots in the earth, in nature, in the truth of the world, in the very fabric of creation. I know that some organizations already exist, but nothing for this particular scenario.

These wise healers know what needs be happen to help their communities; it is the means, the resources that are lacking to accomplish this.

It is very important for all of mankind to assist these people. That wisdom and knowledge took millenniums to become the tradition they carry. If this is forgotten we all lose. Resources of time and money are required. I see what could happen … For years these thoughts have haunted me. It feels good this morning to share these thoughts with you.

Love, Joy and Peace

Blue Eagle

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