The moment of light brought about by the beauty of a shamanic ritual brings us naturally to ecstasy and to manifesting in our lives creative bliss. It’s the joy of being that gives us the energy to manifest our dreams. To have the right dream, the one that will help us grow, we need to reflect intensely and to find the truth within. For a long time we have been seeking the truth without. Yet, it’s there, within and indicates exactly and precisely what is true, what is real. If you depend on the system, the media, the scientists, the opinion of experts, on doctors, to tell you what is true, you will always be dependent and in illusion. No, the road towards the truth, towards our home, towards our true family, is within. And this needs to manifest externally in our relationship with the world. Many individuals make the error of looking for bliss solely in meditation, shamanic rituals, ceremonies, prayers or mantras or the fleeting pleasures of consumerism. Yes, it often begins there, in spiritual practice, but then has to move on to a physical manifestation, to the act of creation. Only the contemplation of our creations will give us clarity of spirit. The light of spirit gives us bliss, which gives us the energy to create. The contemplation of our creations brings the light of spirit which gives bliss and the cycle goes on and on. If you remain in meditation, shamanic rituals and their bliss and ecstasy without moving on to physical co creation of gardens and natural beauty, your life might be serene but also sterile and the dark forces will continue destroying the earth.

More and more conscious people are now beginning to master the system and financial abundance. People who have succeeded in the new world (or new earth, that is born in our consciousness) are numerous but are not yet united in a joint effort to transmute the system. Often the associations which try to initiate change are infiltrated by biorobots who sabotage the whole group. We have not yet found ways in which we can unite in our efforts to save the earth. At least it’s my reality. I have not yet found a way to promote and protect family domains. It’s our next step for 2015. Finding ways for consicous people to unite. It will come from you, my readers, as always. I am only the mirror of our evolution together. It is not for me to do but to inspire. I learnt that hard lesson many times in this life time. I see the future and what needs to happen but if I personally try to do it my vision becomes obscured. I can point the way, do it for my family, I have created my own family domain, but if I am to be free to indicate the way for the many, I must remain free in my precious solitude. The reader’s task is to determine if the words are true. Is the message real? You will find that it’s not only real, it’s very precise but often needs a long time and much thought to understand. And you can’t take my word for it, you need to prove it to yourself. On the other hand, I have many offerings that carry the same message. It comes through this blog, in my music, in my books[2], in shamanic perfumes and in my videos. Soon we shall add 5 more shamanic Native Essences to our offer. Invocation will launch five new fragrances in February, the five elements, with a textbook on how to use them. Here’s an good example of this teaching, the gift of creative bliss giving birth to physical offerings to the world that will in time give me clarity of mind (light of spirit) which in turn will give more bliss, that will become more creative offerings and the cycle begins again, always more vibrant and attuned to divine will.

What people are having a hard time understanding is why we all need to create family domains. I guess people have forgotten how to think and reflect. It’s so obvious that the way to healing ourselves and the planet is by creating family domains. If we harmonize with nature in a place where we live and work the land, the earth-mother will give us back ten thousand times what we give her. Our vegetables, our fruits, our herbs, our seeds, our nuts, our greens, our plant juices will heal us and we shall experience profound joy and pleasure in cultivating and preparing them for our well being and that of our family. This joy will in turn heal the earth as we will do our best to help her, because the quality of our food will depend on it. We shall thus be taking responsibility for nature. If all families do this we will heal the earth, one family, one hectare at a time. If our gardens feed us we will stop using this system that sells us polluted and modified cancerous foods that have us dependent on doctors and pharmaceuticals, and in this way the system will slowly be transformed.

We need to understand that the earth belongs to us and that we belong to the earth. Our reward is not in heaven, in Allah’s paradise, in the pure lands of Buddha or in ascension. It’s here, on earth. Family domains create paradise. Even immortality is within our reach if we really take the time to fully understand the primordial instructions given to Man from the very beginning. If you listen to the experts you will think you come from the monkey and are the descendant of a rather violent animal. If to look within your heart and in nature you will see that Creator, our divine father-mother, is the reflection of our deepest truth. God is Love, God is Peace, God is Joy. In other words God loves us, He wants us to be happy, He wants us to be healthy. He has created us perfect from the very beginning. If we follow His instructions we will be happy, healthy and godlike. His instructions are everywhere in nature. It’s in His Creation that the eternal laws are inscribed, not in books. If we have a family domain that we cultivate for our food, we shall be reading His instructions all day long and our lives will bloom with joy, love and peace. It’s logical, coherent, clear, and evident.

I see words in the sky on this New Year’s Day

May they engrave in my heart love for the earth

May I give myself love, may I give to those around me, love

May joy guide my steps

May peace be, finally

Dear reader, Thank you

For giving life to these words

That I saw in the sky of this morning of a New Year.

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Blue Eagle

[1] The native understanding of prophecy is: the simultaneous vision of the past and the future in their relationship to the present.

[2] I have not yet found an English publisher but now 2 of my books are translated and ready for release. I have 5 books published in French.

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