A question arose from a reader of the french blog: “how can we find this little bit of land to build paradise?”


Well this is exactly what we are talking about.  Thought … the moment you have decided you want this, the universe will start organising itself so you can one day realise this. Co creation.


Thus, the first step is to really know what is real. Does it make sense that by protecting a piece of land you are contributing to the overall ecology of the world? Does it make sense that only by living off the land can you actually protect the ecology? Does it make sense that by living close to nature you and your family will experience better health, more happiness and less stress? Does it make sense that if you radiate happiness, others will want to experience it also and thus more family domains will be created? These are the questions one needs to ask oneself. It does not suffice that Anastasia, Blue Eagle or anyone else has indicated that we need to build family domains to respond to the many problems facing Man today, (his survival is in the balance). No, if you are a true human being, Man with a capital M meaning a woman or a man who is the child of the creative spirit, then you need to answer these questions within yourself. The time for gourous and other people telling us what to do and think is in the past. Accepting that others dictate what is true is what put us in this predicament in the first place. No, we need to think for ourselves. When we have arrived at the conclusion that the best way to go for health, happiness and building a loving living planet for future generations is in the creation of family domains then we will have the inner co creative thought that will bring this domain to you and yours. It make take a long time, may even be in your next life time, but it will happen. That is the power of thought. The world we live in all comes from our collective thoughts. For millennia now we have let others programme our thoughts with technocratic BS, the most harmful technology being money and the banking system. Of course many other conditionings have been a part of this programming, especially the religious conditionings. Thinking one will find the truth in a book, is one of the most demeaning illusions there is. Creator is always talking to us, but his book is creation. All the truth and the messages of Great Spirit are there waiting for us to wake up and look upon his beauteous planet.

We’ve got a long ways to go, but the journey begins when we learn to think!


Peace and light!

Blue Eagle



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