There is a huge problem in the education and psychology of people in civilized societies: nobody is responsible! Governments want to control all aspects of the lives of the people they manage. If people do not think and question the policies that are imposed, they are easily manipulated. Most people live like automatons. It’s not as bad for entrepreneurs and self-employed people, but for civil servants it’s quite disastrous. Like the madhouse in Asterix and Obelix, that famous Belgian cartoon, where a whole building of civil servants are sending the Gallic heroes from one department to another saying, “I can’t help you, you need the paperwork from another department“. Ultimately this means, “it’s not my fault, it’s not my decision”. And who can really be responsible when the government changes every four years? Do you see the picture here? No one is in charge, so the ecological, human and planetary disaster we see today continues full throttle. There is no intelligence in the management of resources or in the decisions that affect most nations, as everything depends on the financial and economic interests that underlie, in the shadows, the decisions made by the governments of most countries. And there is no intelligence in this global financial and monetary system either. It is a system that allows certain families and corporations to accumulate immense wealth at the expense of those who live in poverty and destitution.

Human beings have been given an extraordinary gift: that of creation, or rather co-creation. Man is a co-creator when he creates in harmony with the laws of creation, the laws of nature. He is an inventor when he creates in ignorance of the laws of nature. All current technologies are inventions contrary to the laws of nature since they create environmental problems and countless pollutions that know no boundaries. Technology also leads to the decrease of human capacities.

This may be difficult to understand, so let us explain. Let’s take an example of a technology that may seem innocuous and harmless, say, the wheel. Of course, this technology can be used without harming the environment, for example to spin wool with a spindle and wheel or on a horse-drawn cart. But when used for cars and trucks, which is what we know most about the wheel, it creates huge problems. First, the wheels cannot turn on bumpy ground. Where a horse would be comfortable, the wheel is not. So roads have to be built. Roads damage nature and allow technocratic corporations to invade indigenous communities. They have given rise to vehicles that pollute the air and water, make lots of noise and cause immense environmental damage. Companies are extracting from the earth huge quantities of metals and other substances used to build vehicules. By using these technologies, man’s abilities are diminished. He doesn’t walk as much as he used, let alone run for hours, which used to be normal for indigenous people in our nations. He can no longer ride a horse, or other animals that would be happy to carry him, and often lacks the physical strength, let alone the knowledge to do so. His communication with nature is therefore atrophied, not to mention the other means of transport that require certain skills and knowledge that increase the abilities and health of those who use them, as in canoes for example. In short, this technology, which may seem innocuous, creates immense damage to nature and the diminution of human capacities.

This is the case with all dead technologies. By dead, we mean a machine that is not alive, does not breathe and has no direct energetic link with its owner. A machine will always wear out and break down and will have to be replaced creating more pollution and environmental damage. A living technology is one created by its user, the hunter’s bow, the canoeist’s oar, the shaman’s drum, the farmer’s spade, where there is a living relationship with the object created. This lasts for a very long time, often a lifetime, and if it has to be replaced will not harm the environment.

Humanity has lived for hundreds of millennia in harmony with its environment. If we study the colonization of indigenous peoples on all continents, we see that they do not want this civilized way of life. They actively resist it. Civilisations have to impose their way of doing things by force, with incredible and cruel violence. On the other hand, we often see civilized people, such as the coureurs des bois in the early days of colonization in Canada, go and live among the natives with great enthusiasm and happiness! The phenomenon of civilization is quite recent, 12,000 years old. Our history, that of the Red Race of America, so full of wisdom, is 127,500 years old. In a last few decades, technology will have destroyed more than 90% of the living species on earth, creating immense pollution and countless diseases. This is in addition to extinguishing the freedoms and evolutionary capacities of most human beings. We must look at these facts carefully, for they contain the solution.

It is an illusion to think that we can cure millennia of dependency on technology overnight. It will take generations to achieve this. In fact, it is quite logical and useful to use dead technologies, for a time, to transform the world we live in. What is important to understand here is that we are all responsible for the current world situation! We are responsible because we have the capacity to understand the situation and to find solutions. We must find positive solutions on a human scale. There is no point in protesting, demonstrating or signing petitions, as these actions only highlight the problem without offering any solutions. It is in fact a way of relinquishing your responsibility, since we are telling the government or the authorities to whom our protests are addressed that it is up to them to act. It is an illusion to think that the political structures that support the corporations that create these problems will offer us solutions.

We must assume our responsibilities by acting in an intelligent nature based wisdom way, by putting in place solutions that are tailored to us, on a human and family scale. I have offered some food for thought in my article “How to heal humanity and the earth“. If all families take responsibility for one hectare of land and protect it, we will heal the planet one family one hectare at a time. It’s human-sized and it’s doable. But, as with any endeavor that is inscribed in an evolutionary process the solution must come from our own understanding and reflection. Only then can we say that we are taking responsibility as co-creators for the world we live in.

We have the power to transform our world, but we must assume that power. The new earth is calling us, all of nature, the animals, the plants, the elements and the beautiful planet earth are crying out for our help in transforming the pollution and damage created to the environment into land suitable for life. We have the intelligence to do this. We can all reflect and then take responsibility for the land and all its life forms. We have the power to do this on a daily basis, directly around us, in our own way, on a family scale. It takes courage and perseverance, but these virtues are the very definition of a True Human Being.

For those who would like to explore this further I suggest my book The Philosophy of Nature.

Peace, Joy and Love and a lovely week to all of you!

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