Totem animals… how to read signs

Every being has allies, belonging to each reign of the planet. Our allies from the animal world are very important because they are close to us, and their spirit has remained in line with the Great Mystery’s will. They do exactly what Creator expects from them, and they live in harmony with nature and the physical world’s reality. Thus, it is very beneficial to know about our totem animals, because it can further our understanding of the world.

Every animal embodies a specific teaching. If we can clearly communicate with the spirit of animals, then we have the power to change the structure of the world around us,. It will assist in knowing what our place should be, because our guardian animal will provide us with landmarks, and assign us responsibilities and unique and personal talents that will allow our accomplishment as Men. The totem animal, for Native Americans, is the closest being of all to us; I am not speaking of any physical similarity, but of a psychological one.

One of my teachers used to say that as long as our protector animal is unknown to us, he can play tricks on us. But when we discover his identity, we can take part in the game and play with him. Then, we have the possibility to present him with requests, and see the outcomes. Knowing whom we are dealing with, we have the possibility to enjoy his capacities, rather than suffer the tricks he plays on us so that we are aware of his existence.

Knowing how to interpret the presence of an animal in your life, or the significance of a totem animal, has to do with reading signs. When we see animals in nature and an emotion comes with it, it is an indication that it is a message or a sign from nature, maybe a warning, meant for us. In those circumstances, it can be interesting to note from what direction the animal is coming and where it is going, and that is where it is important to know about the symbolism of the directions.

The North is the direction of the world of spirit, of the white buffalo, of the primordial lightening energy that will power the lightening grid around the earth, the etheric web, that all beings have around them and the earth as well; it is the general direction for stamina, strength, the wisdom of seeing things as they are, and it is the land of the ancestors.

The East is the direction of the new light, of new beginnings, of illumination, of wisdom and knowledge, of the rising sun and the golden eagle.

The South is that of love, of confidence, of rapid growth, of solar energy and of the coyote energy as well.

The West is that of transformation, of fall, of things coming to maturity, of experience, and the animal associated with it is the bear.

Depending on where the animal comes from, where it is going, it can  be an indication; of something to be understood; one should also notice the direction they are going in, if they are crossing your path, if they are going from left to right, meaning they are going towards the future, whereas if they are going from right to left, it means they are going towards the past; if they are going over your head, things are behind you, if they are goingin the same direction as you are, they are accompanying you and on your path.

So, there are different ways of looking at things, but the important thing here is to read what’s happening inside of you, because not all things that happen in nature are signs or messages; it is when there is an emotion that comes with it, that we recognize there is a sign or something happening that is meant for us, to further our understanding of things. So, the way to read the signs is also by looking within, and looking what the emotion means. There is no any absolute interpretation method, it all depends on your own symbolism and your own feelings, which you have to combine to the symbolisms coming from ancient traditions like for instance the First Nations’ one.


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