The eternal travelling of the soul in the Native American tradition

Dear Dominique,

Yes, some nations do have the concept of reincarnation. Certain Cherokee clans even have ceremonies and practices that allow people of the same family to reunite from one life time to the next and retain the memory of their past relationships. I have never met a First Nations that believed in death. Death does not exist, it’s but a change of worlds going from this plane of existence to another. The part of us that does travel from this physical dimension to more subtle dimensions and then back to this world is either called the soul or spirit or both. As I learnt from OhShinnah, Apache warrior chaman women, the soul is that part of us that contains the memory of this life, the personality if you wish. The spirit is the immortal God like part of us that will carry the soul from one life to the next. That is why there is a death wake, a three day period where native people would watch over the body without moving it.

The spirit will leave the body at the moment of death. It can take from a few hours to a few days for the soul to assemble all the person’s memories before leaving the body.The spirit will then encapsulate the soul and carry it on to the next life.If the body is moved it might be difficult for the soul to reunite with the spirit. Thus the soul may wander, lost in

suffering, looking for a way back to the light.

There is great wisdom in these old traditions. It’s very significant that many nations, many old cultures on all continents, have the same traditions. Truth is one for all humans.

The day will come when we will have, as in our beginning many hundreds of thousands of years ago, direct access to the truth and to all knowledge. We are not separated from that wisdom today, yet our life style, education, distance from nature and life in nature has made it difficult for us to immediately access the primordial wisdom that is our birthright. Yet, it’s there. If we take more time to reflect, to look upon nature in silent contemplation, much of this knowledge will naturally and spontaneously appear to us. We will know the truth directly, receive knowledge directly. That is our true nature. As we come to that wisdom our eternity and immortality is revealed. We know we have been here again and again and that those memories and the knowledge that stems from them is all there within us. At that time, for you, reincarnation will no longer be a concept, and idea or a dogma, but a fact.

Peace and light

Blue Eagle


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