cristal-quartzI have worked with crystals all my life. One of the most important aspects of this work is purifying the crystal friend.  Many people are not aware of this hence this article.

Purification of crystals is essential for several reasons.

The purification of our crystal friend is the first of three steps by which we express our respect for the crystals we work with. The other two steps are: the energizing of crystals (up to one or two hours in running water) and their protection (in a protective bag made of natural red fabric for example coton or silk).

The purification of crystals is essential to any therapeutic work you may do with them. Indeed, because of their special molecular structure, the crystals have a memory; they remember all the places they have been, all the people who touched them and all the energies by which they were impregnated. However, especially in a therapeutic context, it is important to know exactly which energies crystals amplify, and what memories it contains. This is why it is essential to purify every new stone or crystal during a full week (seven days and seven nights) in a solution of salt water. This will completely purify its memory, its previous programming and positive ions that have accumulated in the electromagnetic field of the crystal.

To do this, pour into a glass bowl (or in a bowl which is made of another natural material -no metal or plastic) spring water or distilled water, to which you add a pinch of sea salt. Immerse the crystal for seven days and seven nights in this solution. Many crystals can be purified simultaneously in the bowl. This is the only time they can touch each other safely without exchanging information.

This purification technique is an electrical phenomenon. The sea salt crystals which are dissolved are equally distributed amongst the water molecules and create an electric charge in the water molecules. This charge, being higher than the one in the crystal molecules, erases the memory of the crystal and removes the accumulated positive ions in it’s electromagnetic field. This ancient technique has been scientifically proven by OhShinnah FastWolf.

One-week purifications are only performed the first time to purify the complete memory of the crystal and to prepare it for therapeutic work. Subsequently, twenty minutes in salted water, following the same procedure, is sufficient to purify a crystal again. Wearing unpurified crystals can be harmful to health, hence the importance of also purifying jewelry. The metal can rust, unless it is gold, silver or platinum. Crystal worn for protection must be cleansed daily. For a fixed crystal, which is placed on a table, a desk or else, monthly purifications are enough. Crystal used for therapeutic purposes must be purified after each treatment.

Finally, note that some stones should not or do not need to be purified for a week. Here are some examples: malachite, red coral and azurite of porous quality.

For more information about crystals, refer to my book Crystals and health. You can order the french edition of this book on our website.  We should have the english ebook version soon.  If you ask for the newsletter on our web site or clic on Like on our Facebook Invocation page, you will be informed when it is published.  There is an english edition of this book AMERICAN INDIAN SECRETS OF CRYSTAL HEALING but the translation is really bad.  I am nearly finished the corrections and we’ll let you know when the improved edition is released.

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