There’s a question that bothers me since a long time ago. I want to know: what’s your vision on the evolution of family domains. Do you think that, ideally, everybody should live like Anastasia in nature, without a house and any other luxury? Should we automatically reject all the inventions of our technocratic system? I think that some of them are really positive, such as the Internet, computers, green technology like solar panels, etc. In a far future, do you think we will live like the people in the movie called “La Belle Verte” by Coline Serreau or will we still use technological inventions?



Hello Nina,

There is a difference between an ideal and where we are today. What must be understood is that current technologies are hindrances to our development on all levels (physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually). It creates pollution and destruction which threaten our health on Earth in short-term. However, it is actually impossible, for the vast majority of men and women on our planet, to return into the wild. The population neither has the knowledge nor the skills to do so. We are greatly degenerate from what we used to be. A few centuries ago, men were much stronger on all levels. The animals who are separated from nature from birth are also a very good example. If returned to the wild, their chances of survival are very low. For us, it takes several technologies to compensate the degeneration and ignorance of the skills and abilities that we once had. So, whew, there is a long way to go.

The transition is going to be gradual. We must initially use all resources and technologies to build a new earth, that is the new family domains. Then gradually, we will slowly reduce using technology in order to live simply and closer to nature. Ultimately, men do not need technology. The path which will lead us to this state of freedom will take us centuries. But, if we are attentive we will feel the positive effects from walking this path of simplicity even on the first days of reducing technology.

Men like to live in community. To facilitate interaction and trade, there will always be some simple technologies in our ecovillages. But, it is not all men who will use them. Those who will renounce all technologies will be the most enlightened and most powerful among us. So, yes, we will gradually adopt a life without technology, but the transition will be tempered by our personal skills and tastes. Freedom will give us the choice to follow the path that suits us best and allow changes to be made slowly and naturally.


That’s how I see the evolution of the family domains and the ecovillages which they will form.


Peace and Joy


Blue Eagle


  1. Thank you, Blue Eagle, I agree with you. We must neither reject nor glorify our technologies. The Internet is useful now. As we become reattuned to nature, our natural capacities will replace it.

    With regards to homes, build a home which is comfortable to you now, and build it to last only your life time, at most. Our children will want different homes to us, perhaps with less indoor space and with less insulation from the world.

    Thank you for the question, too.

    Blessings, Robbie


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