3-orgueDear friends,

As you can see I have finally found some resources to start translating all the articles that I have writing in french on .  It’s been quite a while now since my last help left me.  19 august 2010 to be exact and since then only one other article was written. So I am happy to be back to my English readers.

This past year I have been very busy building up my aromatherapy company.  My first product, then called Liquid Smudge, that will now be called Chiiyaam an Algonquin word that means peace, was put on the market in January 2000.  Within 3 years it was sold in 10 countries amongst therapists and healers. I finally built a small company with just one product. I created it out of a need to purify the energy fields of patients without having to use smoke.  Traditionally, all First Nations healers begin treatments by smudging, that is burning the sacred herbs of sage, cedar and sweet grass. This clears the energy field in places and around people making it easier to convey energy healing and support for ailing people.  15 years ago I was repeatedly called to administer healing to First Nations from Kawawashikamesh coming to Quebec City for operations and treatments for grave ailments. Several times I was confronted with intensive care environments, with oxygen, machines, closed windows and numerous medical personnel. Impossible to purify by burning the sacred herbs yet the contrary energy fields were heavy and dense.  This is what gave me the impulse to find another way to purify without smoke.  I did my research and testing for 3 years.  My end result was very surprising, many times more efficient that smudging.  I realized the benefit people could derive from this Liquid smudge, so I decided to put it on the market. That was the birth of Blue Eagle Invocation Ltd.

Since then I have developed a specific expertise in this new field of aromatherapy, combining French perfumery techniques with First Nations herbology and shamanic traditions.  I created our second Native Essence Miwahïmoon, destined to complement Chiiyaam by attracting favorable circumstances and beneficial energies. We are also dedicated to making extracts and essential oils from First Nations sacred herbs. We did one year of R & D to come up with a sweet grass extract that is now available in 10 and 30 ml dropper bottles.

Now we are posed to launch in the first week of December our international transactional web site.  We will then in the spring launch 5 Native Essences for the elements: fire, water, air, earth and sacred sound.

As part of this venture my presence on the web is beneficial to attracting more traffic to our web site so I’ve now got the resources to write you more often!

Good to be back

Peace and Light


Blue Eagle



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