Written on the 4th of august 2020

This week I have been able to measure, through various indicators and events, the depth of the unconscious and sometimes conscious torment that is shaking the population. We are at the breaking point foretold by the prophecies.  On the one hand, those who have faith in the system and its governments, and on the other hand those who know the truth, the unity of Man and nature. On the one hand the technocratic world order which is reacting with more and more violence, wanting to impose its domination by force, and on the other hand the growing love and peace of those who vibrate in unity with nature.  The separation is felt more and more acutely. The system is confronted with increasingly unmanageable problems, destruction of ecosystems, climate change, life-threatening pollution, environmental disasters, tornadoes, droughts, floods, uncontrollable wild fires, pandemics, diseases, medical institutions that are not up to the task, economic crises, corruption, injustices, uprising of angry populations, wars – the list is endless.  The men and women who live on their family domains, the indigenous communities who still have access to their ancestral territories, experience the joy of seeing their children discovering life, insects, flowers, animals, they work stress-free in peace to make the earth bloom in its innumerable elements with incomparable properties, breathing the air full of life and magical essences.

The indigenous communities of the world are beginning to organize themselves, to reaffirm their rights to autonomy, wanting to administer their communities and lands without interference from the globalist technocratic system. A few countries, Iceland and Ecuador, have put bankers in prison and resumed the sound management of their environments. Russia has given back thousands of hectares of small gardens to city dwellers and Anastasia’s teachings have led to the creation of more than 300 ecovillages! As a result of these two phenomena, all of these gardens now produce more organic food than the entire Russian agricultural industry and this in less than 15 years! Russia has also banned GMOs, the import of meat and systematically refuses globalisation. Some schools have been created that really know how to educate children and the new generation that is coming has new powers that know how to find intelligent solutions to our problems. Ecovillages and ecological communites are continuing to sprout up all over the world.

But the henchmen of globalization and the evil empire of big pharma that now control the WHO and governments, as evidenced by recent government decisions that are clearly against the population, as they are more harmful than the documented effects of the virus, are tightening the screws on the conditioning programmed to make all humans slaves to a monstrous system that destroys nature and pollutes the elements essential to life.

Two worlds, two eras, two visions… and a choice to be made.  What the prophecies announced, the wisdom of the ancients, is here, now.  Day by day the rift will widen, and the cosmic forces and powers that preside over the evolution of humanity will intervene. Mother Earth, who has suffered so much from our actions on her body, will also purify herself. We can no longer be ambivalent, conscious without making a choice, see the truth, but remain caught like a fly in the web of the system.  We must act, on a daily basis, where we are.  The answers are within us, nowhere else. It is not complicated to put herbs in pots, sprouts in the kitchen and promote organic food in our shopping. It’s not complicated to peacefully resist, to the best of our ability, the harmful decisions of governments.  It is not difficult to dream of one’s family domain, to see in one’s mind the ideal world, the earthly paradise, to pray for its actualization and to act when a path of realization reveals itself to us.

Are we inhabitants of the earth or slaves of an evil and destructive technocratic system? We must make a choice and act. Today. Now! The times foretold by prophecy have come.

My sympathy goes out to all those who have lost their livelihoods and are suffering from the measures imposed as part of the covid19 repression.  Courage, our souls are immortal and better times are soon to come.

Love, Peace and Joy

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