fleursSome time ago, someone asked me : why are some great masters regularly confronted to serious health issues like everybody else?

Pollution affects everyone. Pollution is everywhere, from ancient forests to the depths of any ocean. To overcome pollution, we must know how to recognize it and then make the required purifications. In the absence of a physical and energetic process of purification which has to be constant and sustained, we all have health problems. They will be more or less important depending on the person. A form of pollution which is particularly damaging, invisible and insidious is the electromagnetic pollution generated by all the electrical and electronic equipment we use in our everyday life.

Most of the actual forms of spirituality share a common weakness: they only focus on the spiritual aspect of our being. Thus, other aspects like the physical and emotional ones are neglected. This is why many great masters are spiritually fulfilled while their body and heart are neglected.

We also have to understand that the forces of darkness infiltrated and reoriented most of the religions of the world to serve their own purpose. One element of this diversion is the importance given to the potential reward a man can earn by following religious principles. For example, the reward is going to heaven for Christians and Muslims. For others it may be ascension or going to the pure realms of the Buddha. By doing this, those who goal is to enslave humanity manage to divert the energy and attention of religious practitioners towards illusory goals. In reality, Heaven is eternity on our most holy and wonderful mother earth. Here on earth, we can achieve immortality and perfect health which gives all the joys and happiness we aspire to.

In short, this is why many masters undergo serious health problems. There are other reasons, but these are, in my humble opinion, the main ones.


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