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Dear Chris,

I have no doubts that many readers will recognize themselves in what you are describing. In fact, all of us experience the same thing, for one simple reason: this world has been deformed and manipulated by the forces of darkness. Our lifestyle is nothing but a lie, just as generally accepted history and values are.
For instance, a majority of people think we are the evolutionary descendants of monkeys, primates, and that Man, during prehistoric times, was a brute killing animals and wearing their skins as clothing.
The image imposed by the obscure forces is that with time, during the Middle Age, evolution brought technology and started to impose itself by the use of weapons built with iron and steel, and finally lead to our modern time, where everything is evolved and beautiful.

Reality is in fact the absolute opposite. Man was created perfect from the very beginning, and lived in perfect unity with the Creator’s will. He did not need to bother about finding food, for the ethers from the plants, the pollens from the flowers, as well as self growing fruit and vegetables were in fact sufficient for his nourishment. He would never kill any animals, since all of them were serving him, doing the work which was required to feed and help him while he devoted himself to his co-creating activity with the Divine, creating this terrestrial paradise in which we used to live.
Death itself didn’t exist, at the very beginning. Man would live hundreds of years before voluntarily choosing to come back in a new human body.

One day, a strange virus appeared in some people’s thoughts. They started building weapons out of wood, inhabited by a strange fear. They felt separated from the Divine essence that was their core selves. With time human DNA was modified by the influences of certain intelligent extra-terrestrial beings who wanted to use and manipulate mankind in collusion with the dark forces…
Man eventually lost his conscious link to the Divine. Some people, a very small group of priests, the forces of darkness we are referring to, wanted to oblige God to communicate with them. For that purpose, they bounded Mankind to a subtle and hidden form of slavery, which was controlled by the power of mind and money (who indeed can afford not to work so as to “earn his living”? As if God had wanted us to be the slaves of our material belongings, whereas in reality, the whole universe was created for us?) Their intent was to take complete control over God’s beloved people, and thus to coerce Him to communicating with them in order to retrieve the link with His sons and daughters, who had been created in His likeliness, and for whom His love is as grand as the universes He created for them.
So, in reality, men have never been as weak and deprived of joy and happiness as the ones living in today’s world civilization. They are under constant stress, their health is endangered right from birth, they have no goal, no justice, are under the constant threat of wars and epidemics, they’re destroying the ecology which maintains life with a frightening speed, they have forgotten how they should give birth, they entrust strangers with the caring and education of their children, etc. We could go on and on but I think we all instinctively understand these realities.

When a human being starts walking on the path of spirituality, truth reveals itself to him. In reality, we are never separated from the Divine. It is in ourselves, and we are aspects of the Divine within the world. Thus, all of us have access to the ultimate truth. When it is revealed to us, we suddenly understand the absurdity of our lifestyle.
Suddenly, we awake in a world which is false, and the values and conditionings promoted by the system become senseless to us. This is what you are experiencing.
We don’t yet have those ecological communities and family domains which would allow us to live in harmony with our new values. Thus, we are lost and lonely in our working environment and cannot find our place as divine and sovereign beings in God’s Creation. We feel lost and lonely.

But may hope fill your heart, the time of the obscure forces domination is over. The Great Priest and his acolytes have been defeated by Anastasia, and will now work in favor of Man’s healing. They have been manipulating Mankind in the dark for so long, that the system has now become a self-acting force, and is bound to go on working on its own for a while. Indeed, most of humans believe in these illusory technological improvements. They are blind to the fact that the technocratic system is destroying the world in which we live. Thus, civilization goes on its destructive path, in spite of the fact that the first instigators of this secret conspiracy have renounced their will for dominating Mankind. Others have retrieved their destructive crusades, but they don’t have the same power or strength of mind to maintain these illusions.
If you want to better understand all this, you should read Anastasia’s books. I am only giving you here, in a few paragraphs, the gist of what she explains in several volumes.

Nonetheless, what is essential, to answer your question, is that we can start healing and change our lifestyle right now. This will happen one hectare at a time, through the establishment of family domains, free from taxes and transmissible as a perpetual heritage to the successive generations of the our family. The new ecovillages which will blossom and grow will develop on this basis. Some, gathering more than a hundred family domains collaborating together, will be able to build new schools and institutions that are in alignment with Man’s divine purpose. Already now, lots of them exist, especially in Russia, Anastasia’s motherland. And this can start for you now, in your own thought.
It is sufficient to understand things day by day, and to long and envision our own family motherland, which we protect, and which gives us food and shelter, becoming a paradise on earth, the very reflection of Divine will and beauty around us.
Thought creates everything. Everything, including galaxies, started with a thought in God’s mind. If our whole being aspires to creating a lifestyle in harmony with truth, this will come, as certainly as day and night succeed one another.

All the best for the future,

Blue Eagle, Wendake, July 2009

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