Here is a powerful and inspired dream which one ofour readers kindly shared with us:

Can you give us your sun again ?
Its name was once whispered to me… Watakanga?
Or something sounding close to that.
Several years went by since I had this dream.
It was during a fall solstice night:

My sleep led me to a vast plain.
An Indian, his hand resting on my shoulder,
showed the horizon to me with an ample gesture of his right arm.
A walk, a file, composed of thousands of women, men and children,
with neatly distinct faces.
I remained fascinated by this demonstration of unity,
where humility merges with power.
They were wearing the clothes of that time,
the expressions on their faces were lively, although impassive.
I was wondering where the warriors were,
thus the Indian, still standing next to me, pointed at the plain with his finger.
Then I saw them, and I understood they had been there from the beginning, dissimulated and furtive.
When I woke up, I wrote a long text to thank Great Spirit for inviting me to this communion.
It is a very, very high honor.
The Indian, without uttering a word, received my promise to help protect our mother Earth.

We are making our path toward Unity, thus returning as well as moving forward to a new source.
The guardian people of our planet are now receiving unexpectedly precious help
So that an arc of light may join Earth and Heaven Gift of the word,
Mantra for shamanic awareness Peoples from the airs, the waters and the forests
Demand to have their say

Blue Eagle, thank you

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