Cycles of light and darkness

B: Blue Eagle, in your writings, you very often quote Anastasia and her teachings, related in Vladimir Megre’s books. Anastasia announces us all a renewal of the energies of light, after centuries of decline under the influence of what she calls ‘the forces of darkness’. But she also mentions other remote times, thousands of years ago, where such periods of decadence occurred, followed by the return of light and peace on earth. Do you think Man is doomed to experiencing an everlasting cycle of alternating times of light and darkness, or that one day light will prevail once and for all?

BA: I think the time has finally come when we will have learnt our lessons once and for all time to come. This time we came very close to destroying all of earth in our ignorance and subjection to the forces of darkness. I know from experience how difficult it is to confront those forces. As soon as a person becomes a threat to their control of the world population, that person is attacked in a powerful way. Yet, in the end, light always prevails. And we have gone so far down the road to destruction, we have suffered so much and all of nature and the earth with us, that I firmly believe that we will now want to anchor our truth, wisdom and understanding permanently. This is why Anastasia’s teachings are so significant. They carry the pristine light of our original instructions and they are conveyed in a clear and simple way. Also, Anastasia does not need anything from us, other than our actions towards creating our own family domains and supporting Her in the light. So, in the long run, She will be forgotten, as is normal, but the substance of Her teachings will remain as an everlasting beacon of truth revealing who we are and our mission as Man in Creation. Thus, there will not be any identification to a specific person, idolatry or other similar phenomenons that could eventually deform or mask the essence of a teaching. Yes, I feel that our healing will take time, yet that it will be permanent and that we will now be able to become true happy co-creators of paradise on this world and then on other worlds.

Peace and Light to all.

Blue Eagle.

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