« Tap Into The Unseen Realms » 2023 Global Online Event

The « Tap Into The Unseen Realms 2023 Global Online Event » will embark on an extraordinary journey through quantum physics, sacred geometry, biogeometry, energy healing, and beyond.

I’m one of the featured speakers. The topic I’ll speak about is: The indigenous shamanic viewpoint on communicating with immaterial beings and nature entities.

Thursday November 2nd, 1pm CET (7am Eastern Time / 4am Pacific Time)

All topics included in Tap Into The Unseen Realms 2023 are designed to open up your awareness to the unseen realms, our ancient truths, knowledge, and power that has been veiled from us ~ So that you can live a passionate, fascinating and fully awakened life.

You can attend the Tap Into The Unseen Realms 2023 Global Online Event completely FREE!

Click here to register (free) for Tap Into The Unseen Realms 2023.

Let us co-create a brighter future for our world and Mother Earth. The time for transformation is now.

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