(English) Young Medecine – Great Music and performing artistes

I received a comment from these Native musicien and dansers and they are very good, so I’ve decided to pass on the whole comment as an article. Here goes…


We are Young Medicine a First Nations duo from Canada that uses music, dance, storytelling to share our culture and life experiences and inspirational messages. Our performance is family friendly very positive and uplifting; we have been asked to perform and do workshops Internationally China, Thailand, Peru, Africa, Hawaii, New York this past march for a workshop and performance at the UN Meeting on Violence against woman. Here is a video link to new song off new album called We Miss You, U Live https://www.facebook.com/YoungMedicine1/videos/vb.369722643110337/871089126307017/?type=2&theater

We are contacting you because we are hoping to make a booking(s) of our show/performance and/or workshops that we provide. Jamie is a new board member of World YWCA and will be travelling to Geneva December 8-13, 2015 for a meeting and we were hoping to make some contacts that would like to have us perform and share our music, dance, experiences and teachings. We are hoping that you might be able to help us, or direct us to someone that can?

For more information on us and what we do, please check out our website for more info, music, or videos: http://www.youngmedicine.com

Feel Free to pass this info out to anyone that may be interested Thank You for your time. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Young Medicine-Curt Young and Jamie Medicine Crane

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